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Northern Vision is looking to partner up with charities and foundation to inspire young people to pick up tennis and use sport as way to build vital skills and promote a sense of community.

Northern Vision, the company behind the successful Liverpool International Tennis Tournament, is looking to work closely with charities and foundations to engage  with  local communities  and particularly among young people, as a vehicle to engage in a healthy lifestyle, enhance positive transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and confidence building and to improve community cohesion through engagement in the activity program.

We will work with a range of partners, including; The Lawn Tennis Association, Liverpool City Council and  a team of coaches to provide a program which is unique in the UK with the aim to encourage kids to pick up sport to stay fit but also to fight obesity, crime and mental health issues.

Anders Borg, Director of Northern Vision says : “We are looking forward to working with local communities to engage them in tennis as a way of developing positive skills and behaviors. This will make a sustainable difference to the lives of thousands of young people across Merseyside”.

To get involved with this program please contact: admin@northern-vision.co.uk or call 07950260165

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